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D. Myers Industries Inc.


To raise the success rate of new businesses in the U.S by building respectable brands for extraordinary products & services.

Apps / Web Design

At D Myers Industries Inc., we specialize in providing custom app development and website design services to businesses and organizations of all sizes. Our team of expert developers and designers work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and deliver tailor-made solutions that are effective, reliable and user-friendly.

Whether you need a custom mobile application or a responsive website that works across all devices, we have the expertise and the tools to bring your vision to life. We take pride in our ability to design and deliver high-quality solutions that help our clients achieve their goals and improve their bottom line.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your custom app development and website design needs. We are committed to delivering exceptional service and results that exceed your expectations.


As a marketing company providing services for other companies we will be able to use product/brand placement in the services we provide. Using public records will contact new business owners who are looking to improve their using these methods we should be one of the most heard about marketing companies around.

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D.M.I Platinum Membership - A network of other companies associated with D.Myers Inc. To give the possibilities of endless collaborations and deals exclusive to our D.M.I Platinum Members.

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The Difference in Us?

What separates D.Myers Ind. from other companies is the comradery that we bring to the table. We don’t just raise the amount of views you have online, our goal is to raise the amount of customers you are willing to help in real life. The way we incorporate our services with your business is similar to adding a marketing branch/department to your operation. We want you to feel like we are an extension of what you created to help shine a bright light on an already bright dream. In the U.S  alone over 2 million businesses are started a year. Only fifty percent makes it to year three and only fifty percent of that makes it past year 5. That’s only twenty-five percent of businesses that make it past year Five, or seventy-five percent of businesses that close in their first five years of business.

However you look at it, there are few that make it. One of the main reasons businesses fail is because of not marketing properly. Getting the message to the wrong people or not delivering the message at all. So to raise these percentages we want to help that seventy five percent of businesses deliver the right message to the right consumer group. Build a distinguished brand and a thriving, lucrative establishment.

Competitive Advantage


D.Myers Inc. is a marketing company with a personal touch. We look past the typical social media set up or web design suggestions. We give the entrepreneur  the luxury of concentrating on day to day operations while we would handle all the behind the scenes marketing.

Products & Services

CEO: Devon Myers

1. Customer Relation Building – Reaching out to your customer base to build a more frequent and loyal clientele. 


2. Area Introductory Services – Locating untapped market areas around you, and take your services/products to raise brand recognition.


3. Social Media & Web Design – The creation of your personal social media business page and/or custom designed personal web page. Management services available.


4. Local Media Advertising –  Using local marketing outlets like radio, t.v, billboards, and more to raise community awareness of your presence in the community.


5. 1 on 1 Consultation Services – Private consultation services to create new goals and ideas to bring in more revenue for future fiscal quarters.

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Akron, Ohio 44306
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